Scarf – Kangaroo Dreaming

Scarf – Kangaroo Dreaming


160x35cm Silk Chiffon Scarf

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Availability: In stock

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The scarf is made from silk chiffon, meaning is light and soft on your skin (kind of like baby kittens fur*).

Female or males you can wear this, not only will you look fabulous* but will liven up your wardrobe.
Not only can it be used as a simple everyday scarf it can be used as a head band, belt, decorating bags or around a hat.
By buying this item you can look and feel great, finally nail that job interview, get that man or women of your dreams or even get a cheaper price on that new 4k TV.*
Each Scarf has a card with name and story on it.

*may not make you fabulous, we cant be held responsible for non-fabulous persons. Not actually made from kittens. While we make every effort to make you happy some things we cant do, if you need advice on jobs, relationship’s and tv’s seek better advice like Google.


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