Artist Profile

Artist Profile

Artist Profile

Stephen Hogarth.

The History

As a child I have always been creative, I am sure my parents could tell some good stories about me. I can remember writing my own stories, creating my own entertainment and exploring my surroundings whether it be the backyard or in my case, while growing up on a farm, the bush.
I always wanted to be an archaeologist or an astronomer, I was fascinated with bones and space. So how did I get started painting? Well I think it chose me, I say this because I never really painted, I used to draw but painting was something I would never have thought of doing for a living neither would anyone else for that matter. I only truly took painting seriously when I was about 15-16, when it flowed out of me. After my first group exhibition I started Hogarth Arts, with the help of my parents.

The Why

I always get asked why I decided to do Aboriginal Art or why do I identify as Aboriginal. When I was growing up I never knew I was Aboriginal my family had some idea but due to the times it was taboo to say you were Aboriginal. Without going into more details when I found out things seemed clearer to me, this I can’t explain. To get back to why I chose to paint Aboriginal Art and my answer to that is: I really think it chose me, it’s something that feels right to me.

I don’t regard myself as a Traditional Aboriginal artist more contemporary, my paintings don’t have a story behind each one as with Traditional paintings. With traditional Aboriginal Art it usually has a story, song, dance behind it and is more ceremonial, so I don’t call myself traditional for that reason. I have permission to paint what I do in my own art work and what I do not have permission to paint I will not, I fully respect the elders who gave me the permission to paint the symbols, patterns and colours that I use. Also with my Aboriginal paintings I never use red as red represents death, I now have permission to use Red in my Indigenous Artworks.

The Inspiration

I get my inspiration from our country. As a traveller I’ve seen most of this country, I get inspired by the people and the land that we take for granted. I like meeting new people, when I worked at Tribal Gallery (February 2005 to July 2007) I met many people from all over the world. I worked for Footsteps Gallery since 07 till 09, which I enjoying immensely. I have and still am learning a lot from Aunty Nancy Bamaga and Bridget Garay who are amazing women and have done so much for Indigenous culture and people. The people I meet are very kind and very eager to know about aboriginal culture and my art works, by talking about my art I keep the Aboriginal Culture alive and give people an insight about it.
The main reason I paint is to share with others. I’ve had such a big response its hard to believe for me, with paintings in England, America, Ireland, Germany, China, Switzerland just to name a few it has taken me by surprise.

The Smarts

Its very important to get a education! Some people are street smart and others book smart, why not be both? I was street smart first then i went to university and got book smart.
The Institute of Koorie Education located in Geelong Victoria is where i studied; if your Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander i would highly recommend that you go if you’re seeking a degree. If you’re thinking that it’s too hard it’s not at all, they are very flexible and the people there are fantastic.


These days, being 2014 onwards, i have been working with Aunty Nancy Bamaga and her Business Nguin Warrup doing exciting projects including Black Drum Arts & Cultural Markets. Highlights being the Artist that designed the Queensland Reds Jersey since 2012 to 2015.

Newest Highlight for 2014 and 2015! Being the Artist of the Indigenous Guernsey for Brisbane Lions, Its a huge honor to be apart of their first Indigenous match.

The NOW 2019!

Its been a crazy few years since this was last updated. The fight for Authentic Artwork, stopping the Fake imports. Art theft! People stealing my Artwork.
Working again with WW Souvenirs painting 1000’s of boomerangs! (over 10,000! to date) and now Howard Enterprises.

Well over 60 new products (sept 2019) and more to come!
Its been an amazing few years with ups and downs!

There will be more to come!


Its now 2022! What a crazy last few years.
Covid has hit me hard with work, did over 12,000 boomerangs down to nothing, trying to look for work and doing odd jobs to pay the bills was hard.
I was lucky enough to do some artwork for Bloomberg, DC Electrical for their Vans and also Liam McAdam and is TCR Audi RS3 (not paid work). 
So its been a very interesting last few years.


  • Norlunga Art Centre SA
  • Ironside State School St Lucia Brisbane, 2000
  • Lighthouse Gallery Noosa, Montville, 2000 to 2004
  • RockArt International, Queensland, 2001 to 2004
  • Goodwill Games Brisbane, 2001.
  • United Nations Day Indooroopilly State High School 2000 to 2005
  • CHOGM (Commonwealth heads of Government Meeting), Coolum, Sunshine Coast 2002
  • Youth Week Exhibition, Maleny & Beerwah Libraries 2002.
  • Frenzy Youth Arts Festival 2002.
  • ‘Seven and a Brush’ Group Exhibition, Koori Heritage Trust, Melbourne 2002.
  • ‘Hard Drive Exhibition’, Creative Minds, Caloundra 2002.
  • Nudgee Waterhole Festival 2003.
  • ‘Doing Dads Proud’ (Fathers Day) 2003, 2004, 2005
  • ‘To Deadly Day’ Mooloolaba 2005
  • ‘Progression’ Gympie Regional Art Gallery 2004
  • ‘Dual Dynamics’ Caloundra Region Art Gallery 2005
  • Tribal Gallery Brisbane
  • Footsteps Gallery Brisbane
  • The Deadly Experience 2007
  • Uncle Vince Serico Fundraiser Exhibition (Donation of Paintings which sold for $400)
  • Urban Dreaming Group Exhibition – South Bank QLD 2011
  • 9th Biennial Aboriginal & Torres Strait Island Art Show Sept 2011
  • RWBH NAIDOC Week 2011
  • USQ Naidoc Art Exhibition 2011
  • Teneriffe Festival 2011
  • NAIDOC King George Square Brisbane 2011
  • Inala Naidoc Day 2011-2015
  • Black Drum Markets 2011 – 2013
  • Qld Reds NAIDOC Game 2012-2015
  • Black History Month (Bleeding Heart Art Gallery) 2012
  • Royal Brisbane Women’s Hospital Art Exhibition 2012
  • Australia Day Festival 2013
  • Indigenous AllStar Festival 2013
  • Enoggera Army Barrack Art Exhibition 2015  
  • Murrie School Annual Naidoc Exhibition 2016
  • First Nation Traditional Conference 2016
  • Summer Time Exhibition Lockyer Valley 2019
  • Our Stories Exhibition Ipswich Art Gallery 2021
  • First Australians Art Exhibition 2022
  • Inala Elders Online Exhibition 2021-23

    There is more but i forgot the information