General FAQs

Stephen Hogarth unless stated otherwise

Price mainly, because of what the bags are made from to get them made in Australia it would be triple the price. We pass the savings onto you buy having cheaper products. Also our products are made by a 3rd party like WW Souvenirs and Howard Enterprises, they get them made overseas for price reasons.
Quality is still number 1!

Yes, being part of the stolen generation its had to trace our family tree but I am Aboriginal. In recent years I took part of the National Geographic DNA survey, they took DNA from many Aboriginal people accross Australia. My DNA is a unique DNA strand that comes from Australia and is one of the oldest in Australia, as with a few other Aboriginal and Torres Striate Islander people.

Thats a trade secret

PET plastic is things like water bottles, coke bottles. If you look at a plastic bottle and it has the number 1 on it, thats PET. PET means polyethylene terephthalate

Sorry we dont have a store, as a home business I work from home. I do different events and markets, check the ‘news’ section to see where i will be.