New Artwork Series for the New Year

New Artwork Series for the New Year

As 2020 comes to a close and now 2021 is here its time for all of us to start new.
This can mean many different things to different people but for me its about leaving all the bad things that happened in 2020 and starting fresh.

While we all fought many things in 2020 on all kinds of different levels personally 2020 was horrible and i learnt a lot about life and myself. Even though 2020 did finish on a high for me the rest of 2020 i choose to forget and only keep the happy moments.

The new series of 4 artworks is about Hope and coming together. I drew inspiration from the special people in my life and i hope for a very long time.

Twin Bridges With KG – Walking Together – Coming Together – Time to Travel

Twin Bridges with KG:
Tells the story of travel and Spending time and getting to know someone special.
Sitting near the Brisbane River talking about life, things that have passed and getting to know what lies within. Thinking about many different things on what was and whats to come. Laughing over the little things and enjoying the moments.

Walking Together:
Walking to and from places sharing thoughts and information and moments of joy and laughter. A journey is never long enough with someone special to just talk and bond.

Coming Together:
Over coming the moments in life and thoughts you have and of others that have about you to be one with someone. The joys you see in each other and the similarities you never thought you would have.

Time to Travel:
Its time to move, time to make everyday count. Make life matter not only to yourself but to the people that matter. Start being yourself, start being what once was and finding who you are.
Your life matters when you have someone special in your life, if you fall they will grab you and pull you up. Share your thoughts and special moments, go and be free and safe with that person that steals your heart and see the world.

Stephen Hogarth
Hogarth Arts

Stephen hogarth

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