Indigenous artists calling on new government to crack-down on fake Aboriginal art

The Coalition is expected to address laws to help stop and monitor the sale of fake-Indigenous art in Australia later this year; something First Nations artists are urging needs to be addressed immediately.   Indigenous artist Michael Connolly, a Kullilli and Murruwari man from south-west Queensland and northern New South Wales, told NITV News the Government needs to act now in setting laws to help regulate phoney art. “Companies are getting away with it because there is no law,” he said. [...]

Brisbane Youth Mural Naidoc 2018

NAIDOC 2018 3/09/2018 ​NAIDOC murals at BYETC. ​As part of this year’s NAIDOC celebrations, artists Stephen Hogarth and Stacey Wheatley visited the centre to complete a mural that addresses this year’s theme of ‘Because of her I can’.  The students involved, have all been studying visual arts at BYETC with teachers Ken and Greg, and they had a great time painting these pillars. The responses from everyone who has seen this awesome work has been unanimously positive. Great work! BYETC would like to thank Stephen [...]

The growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘style’ art

Here we take the theft of Indigenous culture seriously. The Committee has published its Report on the impact of inauthentic art and craft in the style of First Nations peoples.On Thursday, 10 August 2017 the Committee adopted an inquiry into the growing presence of inauthentic Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander ‘style’ art and craft products and merchandise for sale across Australia. The inquiry was referred by Minister for Indigenous Affairs, Senator the Hon Nigel Scullion. https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/House/Indigenous_Affairs/The_growing_presence_of_inauthentic_Aboriginal_and_Torres_Strait_Islander_style_art_and_craft?fbclid=IwAR0hkwD81YSUdQ3zDx43lWBAqzGQh6tDbc2ni6GtnziFrfknyuZbv_9FSdw

Dead heart: the booming trade in fake Indigenous art

In tourist shops around the country, visitors are far more likely to buy a boomerang made in Bali than one made here by Indigenous Australians. What led to this booming trade in fake art – and can it be stopped? Aboriginal artist Stephen Hogarth leads the way into yet another Surfers Paradise souvenir store – our fourth in two blocks – and pauses beside a display of brightly decorated didgeridoos. With a groan, he picks up one whose artwork includes [...]